Litter between Knut & Maja

Inupiat’s Quilt Moon & Inupiat’s Amma Taki

Both made their WTD this year.

Both are HD A, elbow 0, eyes clear, PN clear

„Knut“ & „Maja“ have a very nice & gentle character
to people and other dogs and would never start a fight.

They love to work and using their muscles,
Maja is a born leaddog.
Knut loves to pull and to work in a team.

Both are well trained with sled, ATV, kickbike.

born on 30th of October 5 Girls & 4 boys !!

Open for reservation for the right home !!
All puppys will be vaccinated, dewormed, chipped, registered at SKK,
health checked and so on.

Chameena (red- reserved) Etana (white- reserved) Ema (purple- reserved) Ducha (yellow- reserved) Chacha (pink- will stay with us)

Yuayua (blue- reserved)
Pendo (light blue- will stay with us)
Jumo (green- reserved)
Paji (black- reserved)



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Knut Pedigree SSKMaja Pedigree SSK